Heat exchanger

We also manufacture and design heat exchangers. We have specialised primarily in shell and tube heat exchangers. We produce these heat exchangers in accordance with various standards and/or guidelines such as DIN and EN standards, VDI heat atlas or TEMA standard. Based on our many years of experience in this field, we have also developed our own works regulations, which ensure a high standard of quality.
The strength design is carried out according to PED 2014/68, AD-2000, EN 13455, ASME VIII Div.1 Code stamped and China Licence.
Through our partner we are also able to design heat exchangers for our customers. Besides our own calculation programs we also have the calculation software of the company HTRI (Xist) at our disposal.

Heat-Exchanger -Gas Cooler according to AD 2000; PED 97/23/EC and TEMA R

Shell: Ø 680 mm x 12 mm
Tube: Ø 18 mm x 3 mm
Length: 14.080 mm

Shell: P355NH
Tube: 16Mo3
Tubesheet: 1.6368

Pressure / Temperature:

Shell side: 40 bar / 215 °C
Tube side: 375 bar / 225 °C

Heat Exchanger after ASME

Heat Exchanger after ASME

ø 1.580 mm
10.500 mm length
4 x 10 to

Kältetrockner nach AD2000

Compressed air side: max. operating pressure 10 bar
Compressed air side: max. operating temperature +60 °C
Refrigerant side: max. operating pressure 16 bar
Refrigerant side: max. operating temperature +60 °C
Material: P265 GH / CU / CS
Tube plates made of 1.4571